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A Local Austin Business

We are a locally grown business and have worked closely with a variety of local businesses in Austin over the years. We understand the need for high quality customer service and timely responses, especially when it comes to financial needs, payroll in particular.

When you need an extra payroll check, a special report, information for an employee verification, or a workers' comp audit, you won't have to wait on hold or talk to someone in another country!  We will take care of your needs quickly and efficiently. 

Tax Preparation and Planning

Our CPA on staff has over five years of tax preparation experience with small businesses and individuals. We can prepare and file tax returns for partnerships, s-corporations, c-corporations, non-profits, and individuals.

Big life events such as a new child, the opportunity to buy/sell/exchange a rental property, or starting your own business can change your tax journey and we can help to navigate the changes. Contact us to learn more about our tax planning and advisory services. 

Bookkeeping Services

We also provide bookkeeping services!  We offer a range of services from keeping track of the transactions you make in the course of your business and reconciling your bank accounts to paying bills, filing sales tax reports, and billing your customers. We work in both Quickbooks Online and Desktop versions. We can create a bookkeeping plan that fits your business and meets your needs so you can focus on your passion and not the numbers.

Payroll Services

We have several levels of payroll services available.  If you are an S-Corp paying yourself a salary with no other employees, we will schedule your tax deposits and send you reminders each month.  If you would like to write your own payroll checks we will do the calculations and send you the breakdown for each paycheck.  For full service payroll we will print payroll checks, schedule direct deposits, take care of new hire reporting, handle deductions for child support, insurance, retirement, etc.  We will work with you to provide the services you need at an affordable price.

We file Quarterly and Annual State and Federal Payroll Tax Reports for all our clients.

Click here for information from the IRS on outsourcing your payroll and third party payers.



We at Custom Data pride ourselves on providing a  more personal, friendly atmosphere than you may have found at other payroll service companies.  At the same time, we have over 35 years of  professional experience and our staff are knowledgeable in every area.

When clients call our office they talk to a real person who is familiar with their company's payroll.  If a change is needed it is done locally and quickly!


4425 South Mopac, Bldg II, Suite 204
Austin, TX 78735

Voice: (512) 445-0003

Fax: (512) 445-5565

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